07 August 2015

Sports and the Media: the "Game Day Experience"

Guest Article by Lisa Callahan

The days when sports could only be watched on one of a handful of television channels is long gone.The internet, television and radio is now a significant medium for sport coverage, allowing fans like me to access the latest news about their favorite team, sport or event. The technology and means available for delivering New England Patriots coverage today is continuing to rapidly grow. The new media explosion does more than begin to make “any sport, any event, any time, any device” a viable reality for the fan, such as ESPN, NFL network and CBS.

If you haven't gone to a football game, I'm sure you have watched it from your television at home. The professional sports league is beyond a business, especially the NFL. They are trying to sell more fans to make more money. When you buy a ticket to go watch the New England Patriots, you go for the “Game Day Experience.” You go for the thrill of watching Gronkowski sack Peyton Manning, or to watch Steven Ridley rush for 250 yards. The feeling and atmosphere of being at the home field is different than at home on your couch. Tailgating is a huge part of the game day experience and watching Brady from the big screen, eating a sausage grinder or drinking beer. Opportunity cost plays a big role when spending the day at a game. Nobody pays just the price on the price tag of the ticket, but also the food, the parking, the gas and the merchandise you buy there. You always end up paying more than you planned. I will admit the thrill of walking on the football field after a game is better than watching it from home, but to know you are supporting a multi-billion dollar sports league that in return doesn't give you anything.

The better the Patriots and the better the clothes and food, the more people will want to root for the team. The logos, the clothing designs, the food and little toys you can purchase are just to draw the attention of people watching television or walking by a store or visiting Gillette for the first time. Why not buy a shirt for 40.00 that says New England Patriots? Everyone knows who Tom Brady is. Thats the way that the leagues think that tourists or non-sports fans will engage. Gillette stadium is in the perfect location with everything around it, including the mall. All women love shopping and males love sports, the two go hand-in-hand at Gillette.

The New England Patriots and media coverage have spiraled into a national profit-making business that draws attention from fans world-wide. If you haven't been to a football game, the media expanses greatly on the New England Patriots and game day reports. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pintrest have given people the chance, especially teens to interact with players via the internet and catch up on players tweets. Television commercials, billboards and vendors help promote and sell Patriots merchandise that builds the team’s profit. Patriots offer a game day experience from training day to stadium tours to live game encounters. The players give fans a chance to say hello after games and even get autographs. The support from fans, not only live but on television and social media keeps the rise of football and the business.

Without the media, not only would the New England Patriots fan base die down, but major league sports in general. People love the quick click of a button to purchase their new yogas or VIP parking pass. People live to catch up on Vince Wilfork’s injury via internet or to watch game day recaps after they get out of work.

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