02 March 2016

Does the NFL Have a "Product?"

Guest Post by Danielle Bruffee

It’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon. You have tickets to go see your favorite football team’s game. You can already hear the fans roaring with enthusiasm. You get amped up, your adrenaline is rushing, your beer is ready in hand, and you are ready for the game to begin!

If you’ve ever been to a football game then you know the thrill and excitement that you experience during the event. Do you ever think about why you are there? What gave you the decision to purchase game tickets, and possibly a drink or two? Well, the most likely answer to that question is that you are there to be entertained. Whether you realize it or not, you the fan are a big part of the entire NFL ecosystem.

Entertainment is what we as people tend to look for during our leisurely time. You can expect to experience some sort of enjoyment, relaxation and pure fun. If you are indeed a football fan, I can’t imagine a better way of spending a Sunday afternoon than spending it at the arena.

Let’s talk about the “product” the NFL is trying to sell... This “product” is a bit more complex compared to other corporations. The purpose of a football game is indeed to provide entertainment to their consumers (the fans). They are also trying to sell tangible items such as tickets, food, drinks, and clothing. However, the NFL really needs to create a strong fan base in order to be recognized.

Have you ever worn a cap or shirt with your favorite team’s logo on it? Is it more than just a hat, or a shirt? Yes, it is. When you purchase an item with your team’s logo on it you are in turn advertising that particular team.

Without the fans the NFL wouldn’t have much to go on. What exactly do the fans do?

• They sponsor their team.
• They support their team.
• They advertise for their team.
• They give their team acknowledgement.
• They are always loyal to their team.

As you can see the fans give the NFL power. What good would a game be without the fans cheering them on? How would the NFL make any profit if there were no fans (no consumers)?

When it comes down to it, the fan base is the heart and soul in the NFL. Even when teams are having a bad season, the fans are always there supporting their team, because for them it’s so much more than about winning or losing. There is a mutual bond between both the NFL teams, and the fan base. The fans continue to stay dedicated and true to their team through thick and thin, and in turn the players provide their loyal fans with entertainment.

So next time you’re at your NFL team’s game, sitting in the seats having a nice cold beer you can take note in the fact that you play an important role in the networking of the NFL. Without you and the many other fans there wouldn’t be much entertainment provided.


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