07 April 2017

A Trump Effect on Sports?

Guest Post by Anna Kerwood

The night of November 8th news shocked the nation that Donald Trump was going to be the 45th president of the United States. Emotions were running high for everyone, and most people had something to say about it, the good and the bad. Twitter, a highly used source of social media was exploding with tweets about the news. Many professional athletes are active on twitter and tweeted their opinions about the election results. Lance Moore, a former NFL wide receiver for the New Orleans Saints, (first signed by the Cleveland Browns as an undrafted free agent, also played for the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Detroit Lions) tweeted, “I sure will miss you @BarakObama.” at 3:38 AM on November 9th. The tweet by Lance Moore, he is just expressing his feelings about how he will miss Obama. This may not seem like a very influential comment, but Lance Moore has over 174,000 followers on twitter that saw this. The responses to Moore’s tweet were very negative and seemed to be coming from a predominantly white demographic for example someone tweeted back at him, “@LanceMoore16 @BarackObama I WON’T!!!!!! Good Riddance!” Moments later Moore tweeted, “He won and will be our president, so give him a chance. If we can’t support him, how can we expect him to help us?? We must spread love!” The responses to this were also very negative, but they were coming from mostly the black community, saying things like, “@LanceMoore16 yes give the KKK president a chance.” Lance Moore, an open supporter of the Obama administration tweeted his positivity about the election in the second tweet, and while some people supported this, the majority of responses were negative. Lance Moore is only one example of the many athletes who shared their political opinions the night of the election.

Trump strong opinions on immigration could cause many problems for professional sports, especially major league soccer. For example, Javi Martinez, a spanish (European) football player tweeted, “The end of my @MLS dream in the future? (laughing emoticons) #AmericanElection #EleccionesEEUU2016” at 3:40 AM November 9th. However, Trump’s executive order did not directly affect anyone on an MLS team.

Culture has a very big impact on professional sports, specifically social changes. Under the Trump administration our country will likely undergo some major social changes for example, the Obergefell v. Hodges case legalizing same-sex marriage could be overturned, and the black lives matter movement could become more active causing a greater divide between the white and black community. These changes will affect the professional sports industry in good and bad ways. Professional sports typically bring together groups of people from all sorts of demographics and political parties, but with some athletes some athletes expressing their political opinions could be bad new for professional sports.

Based on his business porous analysts suggest that the nation’s economy will likely grow under the Trump administration. Usually sports are a way for people of varying political views to come together, but this elections brought out some very strong opinions, seeing as both candidates were very far right and left. Under the Trump administration the nation's economy will likely grow. Also with Trump’s plan to create more jobs will increase the number of people who have extra money to spend. With this extra money people are making professional sports could see a boost in revenue due to a likely increase in gate receipts.

Professional sports are a reflection of the social changes happening in the country at the time so it will be interesting to see over the next four years how our most beloved teams change.



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